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Events - La-Eva BLU at The Shepherd's Purse

Events - La-Eva BLU at The Shepherd's Purse



Location - The Old Workshops, Sanders Yard, Church Street.

Time 11 o’clock - 3 o’clock.

Hosted by our in-house Organic Facialist, Michelle.


Together with in-depth information about the BLU Organic Range from La-eva. The La-eva skincare range is certified organic by the Soil Association and vegan friendly. Products will be available to TRY and BUY on the day. This is a cash only event.


We will also have Ginger & Flynn and her stunning whimsical and wild flower bunches for sale in our Court Yard Garden.  


Come and spend time with us, immerse yourself in the beautiful scents of BLU. This event is about relaxation and taking time out to be kind to yourself.  



All Images are from LA-EVA. Please pop over to their website and have a look at their gorgeous workshop.


‘italian for deep blue, inspired by blue chamomile flower oil


The sense of freedom and earthly belonging. A remote mediterranean island baking in the sun. Backdrop of the sky and the sea. Hot sand underfoot. Fire pits in the evening hours and the blond hue of dried herbs in the air.


In the bottle, woody, smoky undertones of cedar and vetiver fuse with the bright aroma of chamomile blue. A scent that soothes and grounds, offering peace and clarity. 

Available in wash and lotion for face, hands and body.

LA-EVA  is built around the alignment of simplicity with luxury, beauty with art, and sensory engagement with well-being.

We believe that simplicity is one of the greatest luxuries of our times and endorse a ‘less is more’, bridging outlook that filters into our products. We view the skin on our face, hands and bodies as one, creating a beautiful and effective range for multipurpose, universal use.
LA-EVA looks to the arts world for inspiration and interpretations of beauty with depth. In our studio we work on unique blends, exploring the layering of ingredients, properties, textures and scents using perfumery principles. We are inspired by the idea of synaesthesia (from the ancient greek σùν, syn – ‘together’ and αіσθησις, aisthesis – ‘sensation’), that captures the interplay of our senses and their synergy. 

Our work is grounded in a holistic philosophy. We believe that delight can be found in simple everyday experiences and self-care. We think of our products as units of wellbeing and recognise that they link body and mind via sensory pathways.

We see ethical integrity as an essential ingredient in the creation of beautiful self-care products and strive to meet the highest of ethical standards without compromising on function.

All our products have a minimum of 70% organic content, are cruelty-free, ocean friendly and come in glass apothecary bottles which we will soon be able to offer refill services for. The LA-EVA skincare range is certified organic by the Soil Association and vegan friendly. 

Our products are made on a family-run farm in central England.
Our washes, lotions and oil are for use on the face, hands, and body alike, as we think of skin as one, unitary organ and believe in treating every part of ourselves with equal care. Developing products for the face means that they are inherently light and gently nourishing, making the range suitable for sensitive skin, wherever this may be. Our products draw on the natural properties of their pure raw elements and deliver simply and beautifully, without unnecessary fuss or statements.”
Spring Posy Floral Workshop Whitby 2019

Spring Posy Floral Workshop Whitby 2019

Charlotte's Genius Magic Powder & Barbarella Brown

Charlotte's Genius Magic Powder & Barbarella Brown